If you’re on the hunt for a credit card with generous bulk bonus rewards points on approval, you’re in luck. There are a range of credit card providers offering six-figure reward point bonuses on sign up this month. 

This month, there are nine credit card issuers offering competitive six-figure bulk bonus rewards points ranging from 100,000 to 275,000 points. 

These credit cards currently offer the highest sign-up points bonuses:

  • 275,000 points – Citi Prestige
  • 180,000 points – ANZ Rewards Black
  • 150,000 points – St. George/Bank of Melbourne/BankSA Amplify Signature
  • 150,000 points – Bank of Queensland Platinum Visa
  • 150,000 points – Qantas Money Premier Titanium

Points chasing, or points hacking, is a popular credit card strategy that helps cardholders to quickly accrue rewards points. This is most commonly used to accrue bulk frequent flyer points to help cardholders cover the cost of domestic and international travel. 

If this is how you use credit cards, knowing which issuers are offering the biggest rewards points bonuses may help you nab a competitive deal this month. 

Credit card bonus points offers: September







Citi Reward Points



Rewards Black

ANZ Rewards


St.George Bank/Bank of Melbourne/BankSA

Amplify Signature

Amplify Points


Bank of Queensland

Platinum Visa

Q Rewards points


Qantas Money

Premier Titanium

Qantas Frequent Flyer



Altitude Black

Altitude Points



Rewards Signature

NAB Rewards Points



Clear Options Platinum Credit Card

Suncorp Credit Cards Rewards Program



Ultimate Awards

CommBank Award Points


Source: RateCity.com.au. Data 13/09/2023. 

What to keep in mind about reward points bonuses

Reward points are typically redeemed through the provider's rewards program, and can be exchanged for perks like electronics and appliances, to flights, accommodation and much more. 

Earning enough rewards points to nab these perks can be a time consuming and costly process. This is why sign-up reward points bonuses can be so competitive for credit card customers. 

However, there are still risk factors you need to consider before signing up for your next credit card.

Points purchase power

Each credit card provider has its own reward program, and the value of the points will differ for each program. Put simply, 50,000 points with one credit card rewards program may not hold the same purchasing power as 50,000 points with another credit card rewards program. This is because the value of a point may not be equal to that of another provider’s rewards program.

It’s worthwhile researching the cost of these perks before you sign up. Hop online and look at different credit card provider’s rewards programs to see how far your points could go. A good rule of thumb is to compare standard items like toasters or kettles. 

Affiliated retailers

Not every store or brand that a credit card issuer is affiliated with will suit your spending habits or lifestyle. It’s important to ensure that the card provider you choose offers goods and services that you will actually use. Otherwise the time, money and effort required to be eligible for these cards may not be worthwhile. 

For example, if you usually fly with Qantas but choose a Virgin Velocity frequent flyer credit card because it has a large sign-up points offer, the benefits may not outweigh the costs over time. 

Compare rates and fees

There is more to a credit card than just the rewards program and points offered on sign up. It's crucial to compare essential factors such as interest rates, upfront and ongoing fees, and the number of interest-free days provided. Choosing a card that aligns with your needs and spending habits will always offer greater value.