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The benefits of a property estimate

A free property report can be valuable to buyers, sellers, or anyone else interested in more information about a particular address. The report will give you insider details, including the estimated property price, sale history, and other recent sales in the area. 


You can then use this information to help you narrow down your property search and decide if it’s the right property for you, or to estimate your property’s value if you’re thinking of selling or refinancing.

What is a property report?

A property report is a detailed document that provides you with information about a specific property, including its estimated value, sales history and details about the area. You can get a free property report on RateCity, or most real estate websites, which will include helpful information regarding the property you’re looking at buying or selling.  

In your free property report

The exact information in your free property report may vary depending on where you get it from. Generally, you’ll find details such as:


  • General property information, such as the year it was built, general condition, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, a floorplan, and some property pictures.
  • Estimate of the property’s value based on previous sales history and recent sales of similar properties in the area.
  • Historical details like the property’s previous sales, how much it sold for, and the number of days it remained on the market. 
  • Details of other similar properties on sale or were recently sold in the area you searched for. You might even find information like the number of houses sold, the median price and how property values and rental yields have changed over time.

How can you use your free property report?

If you’re planning to buy a property, you can get a free property report from RateCity. In this report, you’ll find all the relevant information you need to narrow down your search and make a well-informed offer.


A property report can help you by giving you helpful information to guide you through the buying process. For instance, the location or suburb information in a property report can help you decide whether it’s an area suited to your lifestyle. It will include details like the schools in the area, the number of parks, population demographics, and may even have the crime rate. 


You’ll also get information about recent sales in the area, which will help you understand the price you may expect to pay. It will have historical sales data like the number of sales when it was sold and how much. By reviewing the past sales, you can gauge whether the price you’ve offered or that the agent has offered as the expected sales price is reasonable or not. You’ll also find pictures of the interior and exterior of the property. This will give you an idea of the general condition of the property. This will include the floorplan to see if it fits your family’s requirements or if you’d need to undertake any major renovations.


Information about recent sales in the area can help you understand the price you may expect to pay. By reviewing the past sales, you can gauge whether the price you’ve offered or that the agent has offered as the expected sales price is reasonable or not.  


Even sellers can benefit from getting a property report. It will help them get a realistic estimate of how much their property may be worth in the current market based on recent sales.

Limitations of an online property report

A property report is an excellent tool for preliminary research and property comparison. However, you must bear in mind that online property reports are automatically generated. This means the information might not be adequate to give you the complete picture of a property. The information may also be out of date or not very detailed, which lowers the property report’s usefulness. Furthermore, the property’s value estimates are primarily based on the available suburb data about recent sales for similarly-sized properties. Factors like the property’s current condition and any possible renovations are not taken into account. But these things do tend to influence the actual market price of a property. 


Overall, a property report contains a lot of helpful information for prospective buyers and sellers. Still, it’s not a substitute for visiting and inspecting a property in person or getting a professional valuation from an expert.

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