Why choose Rabobank Australia


  • High interest rates
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Rural branches


  • Only provides term deposits and savings accounts

Rabobank Australia Term Deposits

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Term Deposits calculator

Use our term deposit calculator to see how much you can earn under different investment scenarios.


Final balance at the end of term would be

at interest rate 2.00 %

About Rabobank term deposits

While Rabobank is a rural-focused bank, it offers term deposits to all Australians. Customers can take advantage of high interest rates compared to the market average.

Customers can apply for term deposits from 1 month to 5 years. Interest may be paid at maturity, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. There is a minimum deposit value of $1,000 and maximum value of $2 million. 

A loyalty bonus applies when you roll over your maturing term deposit into a new term deposit with Rabobank. 

Rabobank does not charge any account fees on its term deposits. However, early termination/break fees do apply for terminating your term deposit before maturity.

Rabobank term deposits review

Rabobank term deposits are a competitive choice in the Australian market. Customers may receive a higher interest rate than the market average. 

Rabobank also does not charge account keeping fees, helping you to keep costs down and get the best bank for your buck. 

For Australians living in rural areas, having nearby branch access can be a helpful lifeline. If you rely on face-to-face contact with your bank, Rabobank may be a competitive option to consider for your term deposit provider.