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Jodie Humphries is an experienced Personal & Home Finances Editor for RateCity with expertise in financial topics, including credit, loans, superannuation, mortgage and housing, insurance, telecommunications, and more. For over a decade, Jodie's journalism and editing career has seen work published at both Finder and Sharesight, and as one of RateCity's chief contributors, Jodie spends her time working on ways to make personal finances within reach of everyone in Australia.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Bundll: What is it and how does it work?

Bundll is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service that lets you shop for up to $1,000 at any retailer (whether online or in-store) that accepts Mastercard. However, unlike other BNPL services, bundll is designed to pay for your everyday purchases by clubbing your weekly spends into a single bundll that can be paid off in 14 days, without any interest.


Do you pay super on bonuses? | RateCity

If you’ve earned a performance bonus for results achieved during the year, you may receive superannuation contributions on that bonus.

Home Loans

Dealing with a negative mortgage when going through a divorce

Find out your options if you’re dealing with divorce proceedings and your house has a negative equity mortgage.

Credit Score

All you need to know about the Experian credit score

A good Experian credit score can improve your chances of getting a competitive deal on credit cards, loans or mortgages. Find out how to get your Experian Credit Score.


Can you draw on your super during financial hardship?

Most super funds do allow you to withdraw some of your super if you find yourself facing financial hardship, there are strict conditions and tax implications.

NBN Plans

Things you need to know about working from home on internet

Whether you’re working from your kitchen table, the couch, or a desk, your internet speed can be the difference between being frustrated or content as you tackle your tasks.


What happens to your super when you move overseas?

Considering a move overseas and curious how this could affect your super? You may not be able to access your superannuation funds early.


What is a reportable employer superannuation contribution?

Reportable employer superannuation contributions (RESC) are extra contributions made by an employer that must be reported to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This article will help you gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of RESC.

Savings Accounts

What is compound interest, and how does it help me?

Currently, the rate of interest on most savings accounts is low, so growing your money may seem hard. But one thing that can help to increase your savings is compound interest. What is compound interest, and how is it calculated?


What is a retirement income stream from superannuation?

After you retire, a super income stream allows you to receive regular payments with some tax benefits. Learn more about a superannuation income stream and its benefits.