Supercharge your savings with rates above 5.50% in September

Savings rates are at some of the highest levels in more than a decade. RateCity lists nine different banks offering ongoing rates of 5.50% or higher.

Car sales continue to climb: top rated car loans for September

If you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle, you’re not alone, as new data shows that vehicle sales achieved their highest result on record last month. So, how can you get ahead of the competition? By nabbing a competitive car loan.

Household savings battered as Australia's economy picks up, defying expectations

Quarterly GDP increases have been gradually losing steam since the middle of last year. However, this latest data reflects a mild upturn in Australia's economic position.

Rates on hold: What can I expect when my fixed rate period ends?

With home loan interest rates rising thanks to cash rate hikes from the RBA, mortgage holders sitting on fixed rates may be breathing a sigh of relief. But there’s a chance that there could be a sting in the tail at the end of each fixed rate term, which borrowers may need to watch out and prepare for.

Some of the top-rated home loans in September 2023

Just because the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept the national cash rate on hold at 4.10% for the third meeting in a row, that’s no reason for Australian home buyers to get complacent.  Major banks and mortgage lenders have still been raising their interest rates out of cycle from the RBA, making it important to also consider comparing offers from their smaller competitors. 

Grow your wealth: top term deposits for September 2023

If you’re considering putting away some of your hard-earned savings, you may want to compare several term deposit accounts to discover those offering the most attractive rates and features that fit your savings goals.

Is now the time to look for a term deposit?

If you’re trying to pick the peak of the market to lock in a higher rate on your term deposit, now may be the time to consider doing so.

1% rate cut next year: What would that mean for mortgage holders?

Many of the big banks have forecast that we could be seeing cuts to the cash rate throughout 2024 - 2025. Find out what this could mean for your home loan.

RBA holds cash rate again - when will we see cuts?

The Reserve Bank has again left the cash rate at 4.10 per cent, announcing today a pause for the third meeting in a row and a fourth time this year.

Are you paying an insurance loyalty tax?

ASIC commenced civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court last week, claiming some insurers used an algorithm to determine whether or not a customer might renew their policy at different premium levels.

Which banks are scrapping their cashback offers? And who is still offering them?

When mortgage interest rates are rising, many borrowers look for alternative ways to get value for money from their home loan. Cashback deals are one way that many mortgage lenders compete for customers in a rising rate environment, but record refinancing activity is leading some leading banks to pull their cashback offers.

Six bushfire facts that could save your life this summer

Bushfire season is a regular occurrence in Australia, to the point where many of us can start feeling overconfident that we already know everything there is to know about the danger bushfires pose and how to keep our homes and loved ones safe. 

Will the RBA hike the cash rate in September? Key economic indicators shaping the decision

We explore the stats to determine the likelihood that the RBA will lower, hold or raise the official cash rate.