Melbourne Cup rate hike a live possibility: what a 13th hike would mean for borrowers

Australia could see the cash rate rise to 4.35 per cent as soon as the next RBA Board meeting, if inflation proves to be more stubborn than expected, with the minutes from the previous meeting citing a ‘low tolerance’ for slow progress in this battle.

Some of the top-rated home loans for refinancers and investors in October 2023

With Australians reportedly putting more of their income towards their mortgage than any other developed nation on the planet, it’s little wonder that so many of us are looking to refinance. But with high levels of refinancing activity leading several lenders to withdraw some of their most competitive home loan discounts and cashback incentives, is it still possible to find a good home loan deal?

Australia leads the world in mortgage pain: Here's what you can do to ease the agony

Loan repayments as a share of income were at a staggering 15% for Australian households, higher than other advanced economies. Plus, this figure is estimated to have risen further in the last nine months.

Energy experts concerned about El Nino summer: Are your air conditioners and appliances covered?

Australian energy experts are worried that heatwaves this summer could push the nation’s power grid to the limit. With many of us relying on air conditioners to stay cool, can we be confident that our household appliances are covered by insurance if disaster strikes?

Australians continue to keep a lid on debt despite 12 RBA hikes

Australia’s total credit card debt has dropped for the third month in a row, this time by $88.1 million.

Home loan cashbacks: will you qualify for up to $10k when you refinance?

Higher living costs mean that Australians looking to buy or refinance a home may be keen to offset some of their loan costs with a mortgage cashback deal. But with only a limited number of home loan cashbacks available, it’s important to compare your options and work out if you fulfil the offer’s terms and conditions.

Some of the top-rated term deposits in October 2023

It’s not yet certain if Australia’s cash rate has already reached its peak, or if one more rate rise may be required before the end of the year to help push inflation back down into the RBA’s target band. But if inflation does slow down, you may find that the right term deposit can make a much bigger impact on your savings goals.

Some of the top-rated personal loans in October 2023

The latest lending indicators from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) saw the value of new loan commitments for fixed term personal finance rise 6.1% in August, following a rise of 6.0% in July 2023.

Some of the top-rated savings accounts in October 2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) held the cash rate at 4.10% in October 2023 for the fourth month in a row. While it’s not yet certain if the cash rate has peaked, there are several banks offering savings accounts with interest rates that may be able to help you beat inflation.

Some of the top-rated home loans in October 2023

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to keep the nation’s cash rate on hold this month may have come as a relief to Australia’s first home buyers and other owner occupiers. But with the possibility that rate could rise again before the year’s end, and with no rate cuts expected until mid to late 2024, it’s important for borrowers to carefully consider their mortgage options before making an application, to make sure it suits their finances.

Refinancing down but not out as new home lending stages a comeback

The value of refinanced loans dropped in the month of August, but still recorded the fourth highest total since the start of the hikes, after climbing to a record high in the previous month.

These top-rated car loans for October could help you finance your next car

The new vehicle sales in Australia have continued to climb, with new data showing that four of the past five months have each been record months. 

RBA on hold + have you pocketed a rate cut of more than 0.63% points?

The Reserve Bank has again left the cash rate at 4.10 per cent, announcing today a pause for the fourth meeting in a row.